This Week's Steinhatchee Fishing Report 5/15/03
Mark McGee with Trout Two pictures of Mark Mc Gee with a nice Trout. (Click photos to see enlarged)
Mark with another trout.
Please - Read May 7ths report for fishing tips. Things are running pretty much the same. I will try to write some kind of update on Friday. I've scoped out the scallops and I'm getting really excited about this years Scallop Season starting July 1st.
And just a note to folks that are calling the Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) over pictures on this website that show fish with limits over the amount of persons in the picture: Sea Hag Marina makes an effort to conserve the fishing environment where ever possible. Sea Hag Marina agrees that some species are being over fished but we are law abiding persons and respect the laws as determined by FWC. If you feel that the laws are inadequate, please send your emails to them and your congressmen and not to us. If you do so, don't be so yellow and sign your name to what you state. The captains of Sea Hag Charters do not allow the customer to keep the captain's limit of fish and ask that they release those fish the customer does not plan to eat. We do not show picture of persons with illegal catches. Photos that appear to have fish over the limits often have camera shy persons standing to the side or someone in the party taking a picture next to me. I will make an effort to list those not shown in the picture with the catches from now on. Doug Coffey and Eric Hall from Atlanta,GA, if you read this, please give me the names of your friends that fished with you as well, so I can list them with your picture and aleviate some of the complaints. Thank you.
This Week's Steinhatchee Fishing Report 5/7/03
Plenty of trout are being caught daily. The flats north of the river mouth and east of the Steinhatchee Reef will be producing most of the trout, the large being caught in 6 to 8 feet of water. Another excellent area is the channel just south of Bowlegs Point. To find this area turn south after marker 9 in the Steinhatchee Channel and travel for approximately 7.5 miles. You will pass over a sand bottom, which will turn to a grassy gray color. It is in this grassy color that you want to fish. Also try the shallows around Pepperfish Key. Try a red 1/4 ounce jighead with the Saltwater Assassin grub tails in the colors of electric chicken, limetreuse, or candycorn. Other grub tails that are working great are Riptides Gold-n-Glows with and without the firetail, Greedy Gutt's white with red shrimp tail, and Old BaySide 3.5" Shrimp Glow with Pink tail. Another nice grub rig is one made by Love Lures. It is a tandem rig in the colors of chartreuse with a red curl tail. Seems all the fire tail grubs are doing well. Another plastic that is selling well is the Storm Wildeye Swim Shad. If you like to toss a lure, the top seller is still the Rapala Skittle Walk in the Silver Mullet color, but you can also try the 5M Mirrolures, Top Dog Lures Sr.'s, Jr.'s, She Dogs and He Dogs, and the milky white with a red head Long "A" Bomber Lures. Also try using live shrimp on a 2/O long shank hook with a 3/4 ounce sliding sinker leader under an Equalizer float.
Along with the trout the Redfish have been hot! To catch one, be sure to fish in and around the oyster bars during high tide. Be sure to throw a Johnson gold spoon in the 1/4 ounce to 3/4 ounce range. Also working well for the Redfish is large live shrimp using a 3/O hook.
Cobia are just started to be landed almost daily. Look for Cobia to hide near structures such as channel markers and pilings. Expect them to approach the boat as well. If you see this fish, try casting a live pinfish in his direction. Some folks use a large bobber to keep the bait near the surface and away from structures. You may also use a balloon. Cobia are finicky eaters so if the live bait does not work try throwing everything in your tackle box at them. You may be pleasantly surprised. Right now, Sea Hag Charters has been having great success using a Carolina Lure in the 4oz. to 6oz. range. The best color is the redhead with white hair but the Chartruese is holding a close second. If you are trout fishing, rig a larger pole with a free-floating pinfish (or with a float) and stick it in a rod holder just in case a stray fish happens by while you drift. The Cobia must be 33' in length to keep. Measure from the nose to the fork. They are also excellent to eat!
On the reef folks are still catching Spanish Mackerel although the catches have been smaller. For artificials try using Floreo Lures, Johnson Silver Spoons, or tinsel Spanish mackerel rigs. Troll the just beyond the white water of your wake. You can also anchor up, put out a chum bag and fish with live shrimp. This will also attract Pampano, Jacks, Bluefish, Ladyfish, and many other fun striking fish.
Offshore the grouper fishing has been fantastic as long as the weather is cooperating. Many nice grouper have been caught in as close as 12 miles although most fishermen are catching them in the 18 mile range. The top baits for Grouper are thread herring, Spanish sardines, cigar minnows, and squid. Trolling the Stretch 30+ lures is still producing larger fish than bottom rigs. The Perch Stretch 30+ are really selling hot! While trolling, many folks have been hooking up some really nice sized Kingfish. Kingfish tend to hit the shiner color Stretch 30+ such as the black/chrome or the blue/chrome. These two colors also come in the Mylar style too. A Stretch 25+ can be trolled near the surface and further from the boat for Kingfish even better.
Steinhatchee Fishing Pictures 4/18/03 - 5/03/03
(Click photos to see enlarged)
This Week's Steinhatchee Fishing Report 4/29/03
This coming weekend is the Big Bend Bash. I highly recommend this event if you like fishing and meeting people who like fishing our coast line. The food and fun are excellent! The event, sponsored by the folks that host, is free (except that they request that you bring something to saturday's party). The event, in a nutshell, consists of everyone who frequents the website getting together to catch fish for a fish fry and to attach faces to the names that appear on chat boards, etc. These people are serious fishermen looking for serious fun. Even though you may not visit the website often or have never written on a chat board, I still recommend meeting these people that are coming from as far as Alabama and Tampa to participate. Most folks do not know many, if not any at all, but the events makes everyone feel like family. It is definitely the best party event held at the Sea Hag Marina. If you decide to come, the folks at ask that you sign up on their website so they can be certain enough food and drink can be supplied. To to get to the site click here: I hope to see you there. - Danielle Norwood
I have a lot of pictures from this week to get on the website. I will do that tonight. As for the fishing... look below at 4/9/03's report which is still quite accurate except for the Sheepshead which have now migrated away since the spawning season ended.
Perry Optimist Club Tournament
Shiner Winner at SEA HAG MARINA
Matthew Harris - Winner Optimist Club Tournament Shiner Catagory
Five year old Matthew Harris landed this Kingfish which earned him 1st Place in the Shiner Catagory. Matthew out fished his father this day bringing in the only award for the Squatty Body Fishing Team. (Click photo to see enlarged)

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