Salty Gators’ Spring Inshore Classic 2017

Spring Inshore Classic

Saturday, April 8th 2017

Tournament Overview


  • Entry fee
    • Early registration is $25 for members, $40 for non-members (through April 2nd)
    • Late registration is $40 for members, $55 for non-members (April 3rd-7th)

Note: Tournament performance shirts can be purchased at a discounted price if purchased at the time of registration.

  • Teams

Limited to 2 anglers (may compete as an individual)

  • If fishing by boat, there may be multiple teams aboard one vessel
  • If qualifying for the no motor category (kayak, paddleboard, wade fishing, etc.), teammates must remain within casting distance at all times


Structure and Prizes

  • Region: Nature Coast (Taylor, Dixie, Levy, and Citrus counties)
  • Target species: redfish and trout
  • Point system: combined length, 1 point per inch (fish outside the slot included)
  • Photo submissions to allow for catch and release
  • Prizes:
    • Overall
      • 1st place- $600 and plaque
      • 2nd place- $300 and plaque
      • 3rd place- $150 and plaque
    • No Motor Category (does not include trolling motors)
      • 1st place- $200 and plaque
    • Calcutta
      • Biggest redfish in the slot
    • Side Categories
      • Biggest fish caught on artificial
      • Most spots on a redfish
      • Smallest redfish


  • Lines in the water begins at 7:00 am
  • Artificial and natural baits are both permitted
  • Submit photos to
  • Photo submissions must:
    • feature the tournament-approved measuring device along with the “unknown item” which will be announced via email the night before
    • show entire fish with the head positioned exactly on the 0 mark and tails pinched
  • Teams may submit as many photos as they like, however only the longest fish from each of the target species will be counted towards the main prizes
  • For the “Best Fish Caught on Artificial” category, the lure must be clearly shown in the mouth for the photo submission
  • For the “Most Spots on a Redfish” category, two photos must be submitted (one showing each side of the fish)
    • Length of the fish in each photo must match perfectly
  • All fish submitted must be caught on hook and line (including smallest redfish)
  • All photo submissions must be received by 3:00 pm
    • Failed attempts to send due to lack of phone service will not be counted if received late
  • Teams must check in to the weigh-in at Swamphead Brewery between 5:00 and 5:30 pm (all members must be present)
    • Failure to check-in before 5:31 pm will result in automatic disqualification
  • Tie breakers for all categories will be based on check-in time (first team to check in wins)


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