OCTOBER 2019 Fishing Report and NOVEMBER Forecast

OCTOBER 2019 Fishing Report and NOVEMBER Forecast

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Capt. Rick Davidson, Editor (grassflats2@yahoo.com

Sea Hag OCTOBER Report

We’re posting this report a few days early to promote two events: FWC has opened the first weekend in November for a make-up red snapper weekend because of Tropical Storm Nestor, and Chase Norwood is hosting a benefit tournament to raise funds for the Bahamas on the second.

Other than Tropical Storm Nestor visiting us at a bad time (an open red snapper weekend and the Nuts ‘n Bolts Fish’n Fest), the fishing’s been excellent. The lost snapper weekend has been added on by the FWC, so recreational snapper can be taken the weekend of  November 2-3. The snapper are plentiful, as you can see from the pictures below, and there were some great gag grouper taken.  This month inshore fishing was very good, but challenging because of darkened water from the previous rain, and a lot of floating grass. Trout were moving toward the flats, and were being caught in 4-6 feet of water instead of 8-10.  We found fish west of the Bird Rack  and west of Sink Creek, both in 4 to 6 feet of water, but the most important thing is to avoid heavy sediment in the water. The keeper fish are schooling; the gator trout are more solitary and actually in closer to shore.  The redfish bite was variable, and most required running to find some cleaner water. The NautiGirls Tournament was a smashing success; the ladies knocked them out of the park. Here are some pics from this month.

The Heart of Hatchee team and their red snapper catch.

Jenny Meide caught the largest grouper.

Elaine Blivins and McKenzie Hart came in with the largest snapper.

Chloe Green with a pair of gag grouper.

Shelly Richardson with a beautiful upper-slot redfish.

Harper Rust from Ponte Vedra and her boat’s inshore slam.

Lisa Chapman caught this nice slot-sized redfish.

Shane Morris got into the weeds with his airboat to find these trout.

Capt. Cefus McRae hosted the Fish ‘n Fest weekend and got some fishing in before the rain.

Blake Leviton with a massive cobia.

Randy Wynn and his fishing partner with a fine pair of reds.

Wyatt Dudley, expert motor mechanic, with a fine grouper and red snapper.

Vanessa Nguyen-Phu and her son Von found this gator trout near shore.

Zach Bunkley and a nice redfish.

The Sea Hag guys are after the resident tarpon again, right in front of the marina.

November Fishing Forecast

It will be getting colder this month, and that’s a good thing. To have temperatures in the ‘90s in mid-October is unusual, and combined with a lot of dark water, it’s hindered the fishing a little bit in spite of some great trout fishing. With clearing water, lower temperatures and a decrease in floating grass, this month should be excellent. Usually around Thanksgiving it will get even colder. There is nothing in the fish’s environment as important as food, but temperature is a close second. Water temps in the high ‘60s and low 70s are ideal; fish can come onto the flats and be active.  You may need to find the right depth for the temperature and water quality, but there are a lot of trout and redfish around. Bull redfish are schooling this month in readiness to move offshore, never to return, so be on the lookout for schools. Most of these are fish over 30 inches and if you find a school, strap yourself in.

Offshore, grouper fishing will continue to be excellent and should get even better. Our pelagics, Spanish mackerel, kingfish and cobia, are already here. And you have this next weekend to go out and catch some red snapper. Looking forward to a great month of fishing.


Capt. Kyle Skipper, Marker One Flats Charters, www.m1fishing.com

The weather hasn’t been as consistent as we would like for October but the bite has been. We are catching great fish and I have a feeling November is going to be one of the best we have had for a while. I look forward to fishing a lot in November and if you would like to join me I still have plenty of availability.

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