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Trolling is the most effective way to catch many species of fish. A moving bait or lure in the water trolled at the depth where fish are present is the best way to ensure a hookup. The use of modern downrigger technology further improves trolling results. A downrigger is a spool of wire mounted on your boat. A heavy weight is hung on the end of the braided downrigger wire. A downrigger release is hooked to the wire and your fishing line is hooked into the release. The downrigger can then be lowered to precisely the fish depth. When a fish hits, your line is released and you fight the fish on your rod and reel free of heavy lines and weights.
The Downrigger Concept
Better downriggers are equipped with counters so you know exactly how deep you are. A fish finder and a downrigger are a deadly combination. The fish finder shows you where the fish are and the downrigger takes you exactly to them.   
 Hot Tips on Catching Fish with a Downrigger! 
 How to Buy a Downrigger 

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