JUNE 2024 Fishing Report and JULY Forecast


Capt, Rick Davidson, Editor (greasflats2@yahoo.com

Fishing Report for June 2024

It’s been quite a month at the Sea Hag. Scallop season has begun with a bang, and both inshore and offshore fishing has been spectacular. Red snapper season has been one of the best in recent memory. Redfish and trout limits have been coming in to the docks, and scallop limits collected in an hour or so.

Here are some pictures from this month.

Fishing Forecast for July 2024

The scalloping outlook is excellent as long as we avoid a large tropical system. The scallops are particularly large this year and so there’s really no reason to delay your trip until later in the summer, but make sure to pick up one of the free scallop sorters to try and preserve the smaller scallops until later in the season. As the water temps continue to remain high, with lots of scallop boats, trout will be moving to slightly deeper water in 5 to 10 feet of water over mixed sand and grass bottoms. Fish Gulp shrimp or soft plastic jigtails slowly just off the bottom Redfish will be hanging around oyster bars and marshlines on flood tides. Inshore fishing may be difficult because of floating grass, but using live shrimp or plastic baits under a popping cork fished around bars or creek mouths on outgoing tides is a great way to fish redfish this time of year. Offshore, both red and gag grouper will be out of season, and red snapper will be closed until September. However, if you are willing to travel, snowy, scamp and rock hind grouper are available, along with vermillion and yellowtail snapper. We’ll continue to see schools of whitebait nearshore and Spanish mackerel will be easy to find around these bait schools; make sure to use a small piece of wire leader to avoid cutoffs. It’s blazing hot so far this summer, so stay hydrated. Most of our guides will do split trips; since scallops come higher in the grass as the sun gets higher in the sky, many will do half-day fishing trips and then a half-day scalloping trip in the afternoon. This takes advantage of the best of the summer season.
The Live for Logun Tournament will take place on July 27th, with a captain’s meeting the night before. For more information, follow the Live for Logun Facebook page HERE,

This is one of the best and busiest times of the year here at Sea Hag. The new store is open, the expanded bar has been busy, and we’ve got live music on a regular basis. If you’ve not been down for a while, this would be a fine month to bring the family. There are still some lodging vacancies but they’re rare, so call as soon as you have some dates in mind to see what’s available.

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