FEBRUARY 2019 Fishing Report and MARCH Forecast

Fishing Report FEBRUARY 2019

Capt. Rick Davidson, Editor (grassflats2@yahoo.com)

Sea Hag February Report

The amazing fishing continued this past month in Steinhatchee. The mild temperatures have continued to keep the trout and redfish on the flats and they’ve been hungry. Several big tournaments were very successful this past month, including a pro redfish tour event. Especially notable were the catches of giant trout. I can’t remember any previous year with such a large number of 25+ inch trout caught.  The redfish were schooling as well, although the really large bull reds have likely moved offshore. Photos of this month’s catches follow the March Fishing Forecast.

Sea Hag March Fishing Forecast

We’re still having moderate temperatures and the fish are still being caught on the flats.  The forecast for the first ten days of March show only one one day with a high in the 50’s. The fish will continue to be catchable. The water temperatures are still cool so continue to work your lures and jigs slowly. Look carefully 100 yards or so from shore when the water is glassy for schools of redfish.  And the sheepshead spawn on nearshore structure is coming, if it hasn’t already started. I’ve not heard any negative or positive reports from Steinhatchee but many sheepshead were caught last week at the Gainesville Offshore Fishing Club Sheepshead Shootout at Cedar Key….so they will be on our structure soon. In last month’s forecast I posted a link to some hints about sheepshead fishing, and it’s easy to get to the Steinhatchee Reef, although much of the structure has deteriorated over time. Several of our guides do sheepshead trips which is a great way to get some nonstop catching.

There are two tournaments this month:

March 9, the 12U Elite Baseball Slam Tournament

March 23, the Steinhatchee Community Tournament

Call the Marina for more information about Captain’s Meetings and details.

Most importantly, get out on the water and take advantage of what’s going to be a great month.

Dale Tanksley caught this 25 inch snook in the river.
Scott O’Brien with a fine trout.
Luke Thomas with a pair of giant trout.
Nate Kickslighter with a beautiful redfish.
Buff Wiley was delighted with this redfish.
Patrick from Lake Park, Georgia with a fine pair of fish.
Luke Thomas with a pair of giant trout.
Karen Reddish with a Karen redfish.
Jimmie Barnhouse found this gator trout.
Hunter Barnhouse with some gator trout.
Grant Wilson caught the winning redfish in the Fiddler Crab Festival Tournament.
Fisher Holloway caught a big ‘un!
Emma Shiskin’s fine red!
Colby and Colton Snider are learning early.
Cade Thomas with another giant trout.
Will Rembert knows where the big trout are hiding.
And Emma Grace seems happy with her trout as well.
This last picture is from Cedar Key last week, where Dale Reed has found the sheepshead spawn to be taking off. They will be here any day now.
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