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Some Recent Photos and Happenings


Stan and Fran Jones Catch 37# King Mackerel Barehanded in Steinhatchee River!

For long time Sea Hag customers, Stanley and Frances Jones, their cold-water Steinhatchee trout fishing trip began as those trips usually do.  They ran out to marker #25 and began drifting the shoals between the river channel and the shoreline, where they caught four fat trout using MirrOlure TT's.  Suddenly, they noticed a great deal of splashing along the grassy shoreline, and assumed they were watching a big bull redfish pushing mullet onto the shore.  When the big splashes ended, Stan figured that the big predator had been stranded and waded ashore, barefooted and barehanded, to investigate.  He was able to see that the fish had sunk into a slough and used his trout-sized landing net to lift the fish into view.  To his surprise, the tail had no spots, but was forked like a mackerel.  Using his bare hands, he grabbed the fish, pulled it to his boat, and with the help of Frances, boated the 37-pound whopper.

Steinhatchee is known for strange happenings (What happens in Steinhatchee, stays in Steinhatchee!), but this was a ‘first'.  And good reason to believe that you don't have to run too far offshore to get a fall king mackerel!


Bill Shearon takes everyone fishing--AGAIN

Bill used to run the NevaMiss out of the Sea Hag and retired to Richmond Hill, GA a few years ago after he sold the boat (and his numbers to Capt. Gene Frazier).

Here are some photos of a recent trip with some friends--and family!

...and daughter Suzanne with a WHOPPER!


Pat Wilson, of Panama City, wins 2010 March Trout Madness Tournament with 6-lb, 2-oz fish!

Pat was fishing a Heddon Swim 'n Image lure near the mouth of the river with Capt. Tommy Thompson on March 31, the last day of the tournament. She won a nice spinning outfit consisting of a Sharkfin 2000 reel and Ugly Stik rod, valued at $200!


Charlie and Chase Norwood's keeper cobia!

The Shearin Party with some nice fish!

and....a whopper Steinhatchee (deep-water) lobster!

Labor Day Festivities--Mullet Toss and a Sea Hag Wedding!

Callahan residents Don Hunt and Brenda Hutchinson tied the knot as Captain and First Mate high atop our deck over the Labor Day weekend! Don and Brenda were also the guests of honor at the First Annual Steinhatchee Mullet Toss, organized by the lovely Audrey, our Tiki Hut Bartendress. Brenda tossed out the first mullet of the day, and unlike other participants, managed to keep her fish 'in-bounds'!

Please consider having your nuptials or other family functions at the Sea Hag--it's always fun here!



2008 Scallop Season--The Best (and the busiest!) in 10 Years!


2008 Perry Optimist Club Fishing Tournament

This year's Optimist Tournament was great fun despite some pretty nasty winds. At least it was warm! Here are a few photos, as well as a list of the winning anglers.


2008 Optimist Club Fishing Tournament Results
Weight in Pounds:
Spanish Mackerel
Tim Wiggins
Dean Bevis
Brenda Ferguson
Kyle Welsh
Joey Landreneau
Mike Wilson
Andy Lawrence
Robert Thomas
Leo Tabot
Tim Wiggins
Barry Poole
Bobby Joe Wood
Bert Strickland
Michael Hall
Joshua Collins
James Ross
Steve Tucker
Youth Trout
Dawson Balch
Dylan Clark
Kathryn Sisson
Youth Redfish
Mathew Vaughn
Dawson Balch
Youth Grouper
C.J. Rogers
* Steinhatchee Angler



Rick Davidson writes:

BigBendSportsman.com had it's 'Big Bend Bash' at Steinhatchee on October 9th. Attended by anglers from all along the Big Bend, a great time was had by all. Loads of great fried fish were put away by the hungry crowd after a day of inshore and offshore fishing. Rumors have it that Gainesville angler Brian Kiel modeled his new pink Speedo at dinner, but unfortunately no photos are available!


Gainesville Offshore Fishing Club sends:

Capt. Brian Smith, who fishes from the Sea Hag, did a presentation on offshore fishing at the October meeting of the GOFC. Videos of the presentation are available for viewing at:

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlK0qRBYNTs

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaiaLpVTyu0

Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ8B_rRqJ-g


The GOFC is a family-oriented fishing club with members from all over North Central Florida. For more information, take a look at the GOFC website, www.gofc.us


Capt. Jack spent the 2007 Christmas Season keeping an eagle's eye view of the Ship's Store!



LOOKING FOR THAT PERFECT GIFT--or just a present for yourself?

Capt. Tommy Thompson's The Inshore Advantage/Steinhatchee is coming out soon. The book contains over 25 high-resolution aerial photos of the shoreline from Pepperfish Keys to Sponge Point. The color photos, made at extreme low tide, include reference GPS coordinates and some fishing spots. There is also information in the book on how to fish the Steinhatchee area as well as how to navigate the rocky shoreline.

This hardbound book will be a welcomed addition to any angler's library.

The book will be available in the Ship's Store at the Sea Hag about May 1, 2008 at a cost of $75.