Meet our Crew!

Meet our Crew!


Charlie & Danielle Norwood

Charlie and Danielle purchased Sea Hag Marina in 1998 and have grown their business tremendously since then. They are hardworking and strive to ensure that everyone who passes through Sea Hag enjoys their time here. They employ over 50 employees and appreciate the dedication of each one.


Derek Snyder

Derek has worked at Sea Hag Marina for almost 20 years. Derek is certified and extremely skilled in launching boats with the forklift. He manages all affairs on the docks, from wet slips to washes. He is a hardworking and dedicated manager. You’re sure to always receive a smile and a welcome from Derek during your stay at Sea Hag.

Reservation Department Manager:

Gail Greenwalt

Gail has managed the reservation department at Sea Hag Marina since 2016. Every reservation is reserved and thoroughly checked by Gail. This is no easy task, but she takes it on with pride in assuring that each customer’s vacation is all set to go at Sea Hag.

Maintenance & Housekeeping Manager:

Oscar Garcia

Oscar has worked at Sea Hag Marina for over 8 years. Oscar maintains all Sea Hag shacks and ensures that each one is in tip-top shape. He is extremely knowledgeable in construction and has aided in the renovation of many of Sea Hag’s shacks.

Mechanic Shop Foreman:

Wyatt Dudley

Wyatt has been head of the boat repair shop for over 5 years. He is certified in Mercury engine repairs as well as many other engines & boat functions. Once you fill out paperwork with Amanda, Wyatt ensures that your boat will be taken care of and ready to get you fishing again soon!

Sales & Inventory Manager:

Brittany Snyder

Brittany has worked at Sea Hag Marina since she was 15 years old, making her time working here for over 15 years. Brittany handles all downstairs inventory in the store and if you’ve been inside before you know that’s quite a job! She ensures that our store stays full with all the items you may need for a day on the water.

Marketing & Public Relations Manager/Store Manager:

Chaeli Norwood

Chaeli’s work at Sea Hag began when she was a few months old sitting in a playpen behind the marina counter. Since then, she now works full-time at Sea Hag. She finished her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at UF, making her Marketing & PR position at Sea Hag the perfect fit. Chaeli manages the website, social media, and newsletter for the marina. She also just took the position of Store Manager.

Tournament & Events Director:

Kristin Skipper

Kristin has been working as Sea Hag’s Tournament Director for around 5 years. All our wonderful events are planned and managed by Kristin. She knows the ins & outs of how to put on a great event and excels at her position. If you are interested in hosting an event at Sea Hag, Kristin is the lady to call.

Service & Billing Manager:

Samantha Dunn

Samantha (Sam) is the manager of service repairs as well as storage affairs since 2019. Sam is an intelligent college student, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Biology/Zoology. She is also knowledgeable in the parts department and is eager to help customers find exactly what they need.

Senior Store Associate:

Summer Vaughn

Summer is dedicated to her position at Sea Hag and has worked here for 6 years. She is helpful and knows exactly how to help every customer that comes through our marina doors. Alongside Chaeli, Summer handles all affairs downstairs with the store. Summer is a college student working her way towards a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

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