Guide Information

 Guide Information

Offshore Fishing Charter

Captain Gene Frazier

“Neva Miss Charters”



Come fishing with Captain Gene on the Neva Miss! Captain Gene has been fishing in Steinhatchee, FL,  for more than a decade, has been Captain at the sea Hag Marina for the last 6 years. Family, Friends, Company and Multi-Boat Parties are welcome on the is 33 Ft. Morgan Twin Diesel Off-Shore Fishing boat named “Neva Miss”, it is equipt with a private restroom. Capt Gene specializes in bottom fishing for Grouper, but has been know to catch several other species of fishing depending on the seasons.


Inshore Fishing Charters

 Captain Steve Rassel

“Last Cast Rass Guide Service”


Captain Steve Rassel has over 25 years experience fishing Florida’s Gulf Coast, as a former Vice President of FL B.A.S.S., he has both professional and non-professional experience. While flats fishing is good year round, the best time is from September thru May. Captain Steve enjoys light-tackle fishing for redfish and trout mostly, he keeps his boat docked at Sea Hag Marina in Steinhatchee. When you’re looking for a memorable experience, with a skilled guide, please call Capt. Steve.


Captain Scott Peters, Jr.

“Bad To The Bone Fishing Charters”


Capt. Scott Jr

Captain Scott Peters has several years of experience under his belt fishing the Big Bend area. He specializes in inshore fishing, targeting redfish and trout using light tackle. He is also a champion of many fishing tournaments and a member of the Florida Pro Redfish Series. Captain Scott makes time to be an active member in the Steinhatchee community and participates in the local events.


 Captain Mike Duttenhaver

“Reel Song Charters”


Captain Mike Duttenhaver has 20 plus year under his belt with Captain Steve and learned the tried and proven methods of Pro Guides for finding and catching fish inshore and offshore on the West Coast of Florida. Reel Song Charters goal is to give their clients an experienced guide who loves to see fishermen, veterans and novices, catch fish and go home with great memories of their time spent on the water.



Captain Kyle Skipper

“Marker One Flats Charters”

(352) 317-1654

Captain Kyle Skipper is a guide with a passion for fishing and scalloping. He enjoys light tackle fishing for redfish, trout, Spanish mackerel, black seabass and cobia. Kyle has donated a lot of his time to getting military and first responders on the water with organizations like 10 Can Inc. and Setting Hooks for Heroes. He is also a member of the Coastal Conservation Association and is heavily involved with the University of the Florida Marine Mammal Rescue Program.



Captain Brett Molzen and Captain James Dechow

“Sea Hag Marina Charters”

Capt. Brett Molzen (386)854-0990

Capt. James Dechow (352)210-8690

Captain Brett Molzen is new to the “captain” world, but he has been fishing since he could could walk and has spent the last 10 years teaching his younger siblings and friends how to fish. He is an inshore captain targeting mostly redfish, trout, Spanish mackerel, and flounder. He prefers to fish with artificial baits, but is also flexible to accommodate his clients wishes. Capt. Brett fishes several different tournaments including the Florida Pro Redfish Series and the IFA Redfish Tour. He is an active CCA member and enjoy sharing and gaining knowledge through being on the pro staff and attending events for Pure Fishing Inc. at Bass Pro seminars and other events. As a Sea Hag Marina charter captain I want all of my clients to catch a lot of fishenjoy themselves, laugh a lot and take home many great memories.

Captain James Dechow is also new to the charter business, but has been fishing the Big Bend area his entire life. He focuses on inshore fishing, targeting redfish and trout using mostly artificial lures. Captain James is a member of not only the Coastal Conservation Association, but also a member of the Captains for Clean Water Association. After working at Sea Hag Marina for the last year, he has only strengthened his knowledge of fishing. This knowledge eventually led him to win the 2017 Big Bend Florida Pro Redfish Tournament located in Steinhatchee. Captain James accommodates all ages and works great with kids, his goal for every charter is for you to catch a lot of fish and have a fun and relaxing time out on the water.

Captain Lewis Dykes 

“Steady Reeling Guide Service”


Captain Lewis Dykes was a fisherman since he was four years old and started fishing in saltwater at the age of 12. Now as a seasoned captain he specializes in inshore light tackle shallow-water fishing targeting redfish and trout. Captain Lewis Dykes served in the US Army as an E5 and stays active in the community through the American Legion, Wounded Warrior Project, Hooked on Heroes and the Coastal Conservation Association. Captain Lewis enjoys meeting people from all walks of life.

Captain Rick Davidson

“Bite Me Fishing”


Capt. Rick Davidson1

Captain Rick Davidson has been fishing the Big Bend area of the Gulf Coast for over 20 years. He grew up fishing in Southeast Florida, working on his uncle’s charter boat out of  Boynton Beach as a teenager.  He specializes in light tackle shallow-water catch and release sportfishing for redfish and trout, and keeps his boat at his home port, the Sea Hag Marina in Steinhatchee. Captain Rick helps keep everyone informed and up to date on the current fishing via Sea Hag’s Fishing Reports on Sea Hag’s website.


Non-Resident Inshore Captains (we also recommend)

Captain Bobbi Cannon and Captain Mark Brady

“Florida Saltwater Flats Fishing Charters”

Capt. Bobbi Canon (352)318-8429   

Capt. Mark Brady (352)354-0067

Captain Bobbi Cannon was raised up on the water running shrimp boats with her family since childhood. Born and raised in Crystal River Florida  she moved to Steinhatchee when she was 22  and started  fishing  inshore and offshore . Got into tournament Fishing 3 years ago and has a few trophies to show for it. Realizing how much she enjoyed being on the water and taking people out to experience it for themselves she decided to get a captain’s license and has joined the Florida saltwater Flats team. This year with help from sponsors she fished  the Florida Pro redfish series finishing 16th in the Big Bend Division, as well as other tournaments.

Captain Mark Brady started fishing tournaments in South Central Florida in his late teens. He fished primarily freshwater until the the last 17 years when he made the switch to saltwater. Captain Mark’s first love is inshore fishing, when Mark is not fishing tournaments, you can still find him on the water taking anyone else that enjoys time on the water. He gives his time and advice to numerous charity tournaments, such as “Reelin 4 Kids”, the “Gator Quarterback Touchdown Club”, and the Santa Fe High School “Raiders Slam” every year in the Big Bend area.  Mark enjoys the challenge and prefers to catch his redfish on artificial lures. He is an advocate in wildlife conservation and prefers catch and release whenever possible.


 Captain Steve Graham

“Georgia Boy Charters”


Captain Steve Graham is a unique captain because he offers charters on an air-boat. Captain Steve specializes in shallow water light tackle fishing targeting redfish and trout. He can only fish two people on his airboat, but he prides himself on making sure everyone everyone has the best time. He provides all your equipment needed including fishing poles and bait. All you need to bring is your lunch and beverages.


Non-Resident Offshore Fishing Charter (we also recommend)

Captain Wiley Horton

“Tuner Sport Fishing Charters”


Captain Wiley Horton offers several different types of offshore packages. Captain Wiley Horton’s number one priority is to ensure you enjoy your time on the water. He provides high quality fishing tackle, terminal gear, bait and plenty of ice to keep food, beverages and your catch…cold.